Volunteering for NWMIMT

NWMIMT is a group of dedicated, highly trained individuals, committed to volunteering to help our communities in times of emergency. If you are a team player, willing to volunteer, become trained and deployed, consider joining the team. Members come from many disciplines including the private sector, Fire, Police and Public Health and hail from across western Massachusetts. We follow the Incident Command System to help manage emergency incidents and large planned events. Membership requirements are listed below. If you are interested, please complete the contact form and we will be in touch.

Team Application Process

  1. Applicants are nominated to the team by their sponsoring agency/authority or a current member of the team.
  2. The Training Coordinator ensures that the application document and support resume, certificates are complete, before forwarding to the Executive Committee for review.
  3. The Executive Committee makes a recommendation to the Team Leader or his/her designee who makes a final decision.

Membership Requirements


  • associated with an emergency services or governmental agency must provide a letter stating that the department head/agency approves of their membership
  • must maintain membership or associate membership in the Tri-State Fire Mutual Aid Association ($10 annual fee for those without membership).
  • must participate in at least 60% of the monthly Team meetings as well as other training and exercises
  • should have a valid driver’s license, appropriate for the kind and type of vehicle being operated
  • are responsible for purchasing team clothing and incidental supplies for their position
  • are responsible for training expenses
  • must purchase the Push Notification App, for activation purposes
  • must provide driver's record
  • must agree to provide CORI/SORI checks


A local deployment, while often of short (1-3 day) duration, may last up to 14 days, plus travel. The NWMIMT may also be deployed to other parts of the state, or nation. When the team is requested through official interagency agreements, these assignments generally last up to 14 days with additional travel days and may be fully reimbursable (member’s time, benefits, travel, lodging and food) for qualified team members. For deployments members:

  • should be reasonably available for major incidents away from their home unit
  • may be deployed on evenings, holidays and/or weekends
  • should be able to provide or coordinate their own transportation
  • are responsible for providing items required for long duration incidents, including funds
  • must ensure permission from current employer

Training Expectations

  1. All applicants or members wishing to function on the team in a Trainee Position must complete the required NIMS training or NWCG/AHIMTA equivalent for the chosen position. In addition, trainees should open and complete a position specific task book.
  2. A Trainee should be available to travel for three to seven day periods for training assignments.
  3. Members are expected to participate in exercises and planned events to gain experience in their positions.
  4. Members are required to attend at least 60% of team meeting/training/exercises

Physical Requirements

All team members must meet the physical requirements for their position. Additional position/risk requirements may be required as necessary.

If you are interested in becoming a member, complete the form below and we will contact you.