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Team Policies

NWMIMT has a series of policies, including:

Team members must agree to these policies found in the Team Policy Guide. New members must sign and agree to them. Failure to abide by these policies could result in dismissal from an event, deployment or the team.  

How You will be Notified

The Team uses multiple ways to notify members, depending on the purpose of the message. You don't need to do anything (as long as we have your contact information, to get team emails or Health and Homeland Alert System (HHAN) messages. You do need to enroll in the Push Notification System.

Enroll in the  “Push” Notification Pager Alerting System 

Tri-State Alerts is offering a new "Push" option for receiving alerts. The app for your phone costs $5 for each system you use. If you want the app on both your desktop and mobile phone, you will need to pay for each separately...i.e. $10.

While NWMIMT is moving toward using the HHAN for team notifications, the dispatch text/push notifications will continue as a back-up/alternative option. 

There are two options for receiving pager notifications via this system.  

Option 1:  You can receive the alerts as push notifications on your smartphone or tablet by downloading the PushOver app from either the App Store or Google Play.  It has a seven-day free trial and then costs $5 to purchase.  The advantages of this app is that you control your subscriptions (can subscribe and unsubscribe as much as you want), you can set up quiet hours, and you have a choice of alert sounds.  For more information and to subscribe please visit this page: PUSH NOTIFICATIONS

Option 2: You can receive the alerts as text messages or emails to your phone/device.  This option is subject to delays in the cell phone system, they may end up in your junk mail folder, and they may occasionally be blocked by the service provider as suspected spam.  To receive text messages/emails, please enroll using this link TEXT MESSAGES.

This system automatically converts pager notifications from the Simulcast1 system to audio recordings and delivers them to subscribers via email, text message, or push notification.

While all attempts have been made to ensure system reliability, this needs to be considered a secondary notification means.

You should still carry your pager, if you have one, as your primary means of notification.

For More Information:


Fillable Incident Command System (ICS)  Forms 

ICS forms fillable.xls

What to Wear

Team Dress Code 

The NWMIMT uniform consists of a blue team t-shirt, polo or long-sleeved shirt, team hat, and khaki pants, e.g. 511 tactical light pants and black duty work footwear. When outside, members must wear a reflective team safety vest or jacket. It continues to be acceptable to wear the previous black shirts.

PPE, appropriate for the position and assignment is also required. PPE may include steel toed boots, safety helmet, eye protection, ear protection, NOMEX gear etc.  These items are available at local retailers and online. Some team members have purchased used items from second-hand stores and E-Bay.

Have a change of clothes/uniform available. 

 Where to get Team clothing 

Several vendors have our Team Logo and can produce shirts, jackets, hats and duffle bags. 

Generally, the cost of clothing is the team member’s responsibility.

Embroidered Shirts, Jackets

Pacific Printing

19 Damon Road Northampton

413- 585-5700

High Visibility Jackets and Sweatshirts

American Safety and Supply

77 Napier St

# B Springfield, MA

413-737-5176 or 800-472-3892

Unmarked Items e.g  boots, pants, gear bags and PPE

Check local and online vendors

When to Wear the Uniform

Team members should wear the team uniform, when possible:

What Not to Wear

What to Keep in Your Go-Kit

Below are suggested items for your Go-Kit. Team supplies follow. Depending on your position, you will need additional supplies. Keep your kit supplied and ready to go. A fillable checklist has been sent to all members. If you don't have it, request it at the next team meeting.


 The team uses our Twitter Account during deployments to keep team members, their families and the public informed about team activities. 

All Hazard Incident Management Team Association

Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council. WRHSAC funds regional activities that to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from the threats and hazards. The Council focuses on seven major areas:

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency  for emergency information, WebEOC access and monthly newsletters.