Our Services

We are a multi-agency/multi-jurisdictional Type 3 Incident Management Team of trained personnel from western Massachusetts who assist local jurisdictions in managing major and/or complex incidents including:

  • weather-related disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes or floods
  • joint law enforcement operations
  • public safety or public health operations
  • planned exercises or events

Our team may be deployed locally, within Massachusetts and throughout the nation.

We are a division of the Tri-State Fire Mutual Aid Association (TSFMA).


The Team Leader, Deputy Team Leader, Section Chiefs and Public Information Officer serve on the Executive Board. Individuals are elected by the general team members.

Duties of the Executive Board

  • To give preliminary approval to expenditures, subject to ratification by the host agency (TSFMA).
  • To consult with the host agency (TSFMA) on grant applications, membership, etc.
  • To meet regularly to provide for the opportunity for the officers and section chiefs to collaborate in developing goals and objectives for future team development, SOGs, training opportunities etc.
  • Oversee recruitment and retention of members
  • To make recommendations to the membership to amend the standard operational guidelines.

Other Officers of the Organization:

Additional team positions are filled from the membership. A member of the Executive Board may also fill one of these roles, however it is encouraged that when qualified personnel exist, the roles be filled by others.

  • A Safety Officer who works with all members to develop and implement plans to best assure the safety of all IMT personnel and our associates and the general public. The team SO will oversee others training and working in the role of safety officer.
  • A Training Specialist who consults about training, tracks team member training in coordination with the PSC, assists with completion of task books and other “shadowing” opportunities, works with other training agencies, the OSC, and other team members to offer training opportunities for the team, and is responsible for recruitment.

The Executive Board

Dennis Annear

Team Leader

nwmimt dot command@gmail

Tracy Rogers

Deputy Team Leader

nwmimt dot finance@gmail

Bob Strahan

Operation Section Chief

nwmimt dot operations@gmail

John Taylor

Logistics Section Chief

nwmimt dot logistics@gmail

Joe Cuneo

Planning Section Chief

nwmimt dot planning@gmail

Mary Kersell

Public Information Officer

nwmimt dot pio@gmail

Our Gear

Field Comm 40 at the Command Post During Hard Knox Full Scale Exercise in 2016

The Team has three vehicles which are used to support our operations.

  1. A communications vehicle called Field Comm 40
  2. A Team bus
  3. A Team van

Other equipment includes:

  • Computer server
  • Smart board
  • Printers
  • Field desk
  • Pop-up canopy
  • ICS charts
  • T-cards
  • Portable radios

We gratefully acknowledge and thank the Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council (WRHSAC), the Franklin Regional Transit Authority (FRTA), Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and Tri-State Fire Mutual Aid for supporting acquisition and maintenance of this equipment.